1) What is BrightMinds all about?
2) How can I/my company post to BrightMinds site?
3) What are the benefits of BrightMinds job postings?
4) How can I access the applications?
5) I am exploring a particular service within BrightMinds. Can BrightMinds accommodate?

Recruiters / Employer Section

1) What is BrightMinds all about?
BrightMinds is different from other tertiary targeted job portals. It is a dedicated section of JobsCentral created and run specifically for the purpose of helping employers reach the graduating cohorts from Singapore's tertiary institutions.

Voted Singapore's #1 job portal by tertiary students for 5 consecutive years, your internships, part-time and full-time positions will reach out to an extensive network of students, fresh graduates and recent alumni from the 5 local Universities, 5 Polytechnics and ITE.

We have 3 tiers of services available on the BrightMinds campus portal to suit the needs of every employer looking to recruit from the campus. If you require any fresh graduates and young alumni from any tertiary in Singapore, BrightMinds is the platform for you!

2) How can I/my company post to BrightMinds site?
For new employers who do not have an account with CareerBuilder Singapore, you can register your interest here. For existing users, you can submit an enquiry to us here. We will get back to you within three working days.

Upon receipt of completed form, our customer service staff will then proceed to contact you to verify your application and activate your account within three working days.

3) What are the benefits of posting on BrightMinds?
On top of the unlimited job postings, the BrightMinds package will enjoy extra prominence via front page listing, linked ebanners to customised designed microsite, consolidated branding via marketing collaterals and priority listing for both job searches and job matches.

We have strong multi-channel marketing platforms that include online marketing, outdoor advertisements, sponsorships, interviews and press releases on local media. We work closely with the schools to conduct talks, participate in career fairs, and sponsor student interest groups' events to gain more exposure on the campuses. Find out more through our media kit.

BrightMinds aims to be your one-stop solution in branding and recruiting the fresh graduates and alumni of the local tertiary institutions. Feel free to speak to our team to see how we can complement your recruitment exercises.

4) How can I access the applications?
We have a comprehensive application process system that allows recruiters convenience and ease in not only posting jobs but also breeze through the process in selecting potential candidates. You can opt to screen through the applications via email or accessing the module. In addition, you can opt to redirect the applications to your existing sites (if any).

5) Are the services within BrightMinds customizable?
We are able to customize to individual organisation's requirement. Please contact us for details at 6778 5288 or email sg.brightminds@careerbuilder.com . Our friendly team will be happy to answer your inquiries.